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Amber Greenwood

Amber Greenwood is a fraudster who conned several banks out of thousands of pounds. However, her real talent was working as a financial advisor. And, she got caught and now awaits sentencing in the UK’s courts. Amber was also an important player in the pyramid scheme scam that collapsed in 2021.

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Amber was a trusted pharmacy assistant to the founder of a health food store. However, once that business folded she started her own “lifestyle” business. The “lifestyle” business brought her much money, but when Amber left that job and opened her own business in the “lifestyle” business turned into a nightmare. Amber spent most of her profits on her “lifestyle” business and never gave attention to her “real job”.

Recently Amber started working as a receptionist for a legal firm. She did not enjoy her new job, as she was required to fetch high amounts of paperwork for the customers, and she was not able to spend more time with her family. This is how Amber started to develop the arrogance, which later got transformed into hatred towards her “erie”. The only problem was that the “erie” made her lose her home, and her car. Her “erie” friend tried to help her out, but Amber could not stand by her friend’s advice, as it consisted only of words, and consisted mainly of telling Amber to stop complaining, and start being grateful for what she has – a good job in a nice community pharmacy.

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